Jonathan Gregory

Jonathan Gregory is a British writer who has lived and worked
in Sweden for the past twenty-four years.

"I started writing because I was having trouble finding books I wanted to read or was disappointed by the best sellers I purchased. I love reading books from different genres but began to get bored with the formula approach that so many followed; murder mysteries were always too serious; science fiction was getting too weird and gay fiction always ended up in a sort of publishing ghetto.

My series, The Gemini and Flowers Mysteries, focuses on a community around which crimes occur from time to time and are investigated both by the police and a local private detective. The locals keep coming back in each story and the reader can follow their lives and progress throughout the series.

The first, Country Life, sets the whole series up through the investigation of a series of robberies by modern-day highwayman. The second, Family Life, involves the murder of a successful businesswoman who enjoys the company of toy boys. The third book, In Real Life, came out on the 22nd August 2013 and concerns a rock star being blackmailed and a killer recreating scenes from snuff porn movies. The fourth in the series, After Life, concerns a ghost in a stately home, fake antiques and an heir to a fortune who may or not be who he says he is.

I have also publish Nice People, a romance set in Stockholm and The Stone Age, a near-future history about big business and an even bigger bang!

I hope you will try the books or by buying them through Amazon! If you do, please post a review. And, if you feel like getting in touch, I love to hear from my readers."

Jonathan Gregory, Stockholm, Sweden